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Mental Health and Coping During Coronavirus

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention report fear & anxiety about a disease can be overwhelming. Making your mental health a priority is just as important as protecting your physical health. Get mental health…

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Ways to Ease COVID-19 Anxiety

These simple tips will help you relax and put things in perspective.  

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National Write Down Your Story Day

We all have a story worth sharing, and March 14th is the perfect day to reveal yours. National Write Down Your Story Day is a reminder to take a moment to jot down a piece…

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Colon Cancer Awareness

March is a rallying point for the colon cancer community. More than 95,500 will be diagnosed with the disease this year, but thousands for patients, survivors, and advocates are determined to bring awareness to colon…

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National Giving Hearts Day

On the second Thursday in February each year, we celebrate one of the longest-running giving days in the country. #NationalGivingHeartsDay is the day to give to the charity that means the most to you. Whether…

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National Random Acts of Kindness Day

Who is your life needs to be encouraged by a random act of kindness? February 17th is the day to intentionally make a difference. Celebrate National Random Acts of Kindness Day by sharing a smile,…

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Research shows a correlation between tea and heart health. Since January is Hot Tea Month, we’re celebrating with freshly steeped tea and a good book. People who drink tea have a 20 percent less chance…

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January 21 is National Hugging Day. What type of hug do you love to receive? Maybe you’re a tight squeeze hugger or you offer a gentle backrub with your embrace. No matter your hugging style,…

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December is the time to bring awareness to AIDS, remember those who have passed on, and celebrate victories like advanced treatment options. There is a vital need to improve education about the life-threatening condition and…

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The average person gives 16 gifts during the holiday season. This year, consider each person on your list and consider what they really need during the days of bright lights and cheer. Perhaps a therapeutic…

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