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When you think of flowers, perhaps Valentine’s Day or Mother’s Day comes to mind. We can’t blame you. After all, more than 110 million roses are gifted on Valentine’s Day alone, so it’s easy to see the natural connection. Science shows us, however, that giving flowers to a friend or loved one has a positive effect no matter what day of the year it is, and we’re not talking just roses.

Flowers are the ideal way to express exactly how you feel without saying a word. They are the cheerful burst of color to celebrate a life achievement or birthday, or the calming scent to touch your heart during a painful or particularly adverse moment. While the beauty and aroma are reason enough to enjoy this beautiful gift, science says the recipient of your gift of flowers may experience increased joy and become measurably happier.

Benefits Of Flowers

Your body releases the “happy” chemical. “The blossoming of a flower triggers the sense that something special is coming because it triggers dopamine,” states Dr. Loretta G. Breuning. She goes on to explain we are genetically wired to associate flowers with a pending reward because, for generations long ago, flowers marked the arrival of a plentiful season after a long, hunger-filled winter.

Flowers can enhance the feeling of love. Flowers can stimulate the production of Oxytocin, also called the “bonding hormone.” It allows us to feel closer to a loved one or friend or enhance a romantic relationship. Flowers also silently communicate the intention to invest in another’s well-being. Your recipient will understand the gift to be a token of empathy and love.

The simple presence of flowers helps stimulate serotonin in the body. Gifting a flower to someone is a great way to offer a lasting gift. They can place the potted daisy or lavender on their kitchen table as a reminder of their own importance. When a friend or loved one is struggling through an adversity, you want them to feel supported and sure of their decisions. The serotonin produced by your flower gift helps build that pride.

Why Flowers Make Great Gifts

Whether you’re sending a dozen red roses or encouraging the gift of relaxation with a Live Well Gift Set, your recipient knows they are loved and thought of, especially in difficult moments. Receiving a piece of nature promotes positivity in the brain and creates an energetic response from the body.

While some gifts of love can be costly, flowers are ideal for any budget. As we enter the spring season, you’re sure to find flowers or gardening crafts that can be used to inspire your loved one. While you’re improving the mood of a friend, you’re also improving their living space. The vibrant colors or pride from growing their own flower can lift a person’s spirit more than you imagine.

If you have a friend or loved one who’s facing a life adversity, explore our gardening items. From our beautiful chamomile Live Well Gift Set to the Winter Bulb Kit, you’ll find a gift that allows your recipient to grow the most beautiful flower and feel your love even from miles away.

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