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It’s no surprise that being outdoors comes with a number of benefits. The fresh air, Vitamin D from the sun, and extended hours of daylight in the spring all act as natural mood enhancers. One way to maximize the benefits of the outdoors is to add gardening to your routine. Don’t worry if you’re not exactly an award-winning green thumb. Research shows the mental and physical benefits stem from the patience of planting and tending to the plant in addition to the beauty of watching your work bloom.

Still not convinced gardening can help boost your mood or offer a bit of mental clarity? Don’t take our word for it. See what science has to say about gardening offering an array of mood and mental benefits.

Benefits Of Gardening

It doesn’t take your entire backyard being converted into a flower bed or vegetable hotspot to clear your mind. Starting your own herb garden, planting a bulb or two in the planters on your patio, or purchasing a fern you can maintain over the summer are great ways to take advantage of these gardening benefits.

Builds Patience

In today’s world, the information we need or reaching someone around the globe is at our fingertips. Gardening helps instill patience. You simply can’t rush mother nature, which makes this exercise even more rewarding. You’ll find that as you develop patience in tending to your plants, your attitude toward other areas will likely evolve.

Helps Diminish Seasonal Blues

Coming out of winter can be a slow transition, especially if you’re susceptible to Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD). The cold temperatures and short days can leave us in a mental fog. Getting outdoors, even on days that are overcast, helps boost our mood and restore focus.

Strengthens Immune System

Gardening can help you clear your mind, but did you know it can help guard against certain illnesses? Scientists have worked to prove breathing in the chemicals produced by plants, known as phytoncides, increases your level of white blood cells, helping protect against diseases and infections.

Quicker Recovery

If you battle bouts of depression, anxiety, or you’re in the process of recovering from surgery or other illness, being in a green scenery can help. Research has linked natural green landscapes to better recovery from surgery and found it aids in stress management, reduces anxiety, and weakens the symptoms of depression.

Being Present

We live in a multi-tasking world. We check work email while we’re watching television, scroll social media while sitting through meetings, and help the kids with homework while getting dinner on the table. Being busy has almost become the normal way of life, but gardening helps slow things down. Planting, watering and tending to your plants forces you to be in the moment. It’s your time of day to set aside the electronics and negativity and focus on catering to your garden.

You can start small. Just one bulb and a single planter can bring unexpected joy to you or someone in your life who needs a gentle reminder to be present and enjoy this moment. Explore gardening gifts from Life Survivor Gifts – now 50% off!

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