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Staying indoors for a long period of time can leave you with the desire to change things up a bit. Whether you’re in need of a fresh new look or ready to mimic ideas you’ve seen on your favorite HGTV programs, our home décor ideas will give each room a fresh, uplifting makeover.

Décor That Motivates

After months of quarantine and protecting your family, it’s natural to feel mentally exhausted. We want to keep you motivated to live your best life with décor items that speak to your drive to do your best. Whether you’re working from home, planning for virtual learning with the kids, or simply trying to get dinner on the table, our motivational décor items will give you the fire to see your task through to the end.

The Etsy motivation décor market is loaded with pictures and prints for your walls that will give you the energy to create a purposeful day. Some of our favorites include:

Work hard. Stay positive. Make it happen. Just when you need that extra boost of energy to get through the evening, you walk through you home office to see these prints. It’s all the motivation you’ll need.

Working toward a goal? Whether you’re cramming at night to complete your master’s degree or improving your health with smart choices each day, this print will remind you why you set your goal in the first place.

When You Need Courage

There’s nothing wrong with feeling fearful during uncertain times. The important part of overcoming fear is reminding yourself of the courage you have within. These décor pieces are exactly what you need when you want to take a moment to pause, breathe deeply, and find your inner strength.

The You got courage for this home décor set is filled with items you can place on your desk, nightstand or on a shelf in your bathroom to remind you of the courage you hold. The Max Lucado Perpetual Calendar offers inspiring messages for each day and the courage pendant is a source of inspiration even when you don’t necessarily feel inspired.

One of our favorite items to keep close, especially in moments where fear and worry linger, is the I am Strong Pinboard Plaque. This small but mighty plaque can be used as a source of affirmations for you or for a loved one whose spirits would be lifted by a thoughtful gift.

Peace Of Mind

Your home truly is your sanctuary. It should be the one place you can find peace in the midst of any life adversity. Moments of turmoil can pack a punch that knocks even the strongest amongst us off our life course. Have these décor items nearby to remind you that peace comes in the morning.

Willow Tree figurines are an ideal way to express emotion when you simply can’t find the words. The You and Me statue can be your physical memento of someone who’s no longer with you or can’t be with you at the moment.

Prayer is a source of peace for many, especially in moments of despair. The Willow Tree A Tree, A Prayer Musical can be your home décor item that allows you a moment to be still. As you take in the soft music and watch the figurine dance, you can relax your thoughts for just a moment.

Fill your home with items that motivate, inspire, and give you the courage and peace you need to overcome life’s adversities.

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