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Why Create A Gift

There are times in life when words fail us, when words simply aren’t enough, or when they become tangled and come out all wrong. So, sending your thoughts and love through a carefully designed gift lets your loved one know how you feel without saying a word. At Life Survivor Gifts, we believe it really is the thought that counts, and sometimes, those thoughts are best expressed in a spiritual healing gift set or through aromatherapy and hot tea.

The unexpected adversities of life aren’t going anywhere. Those we love will continue to face illness, divorce, heartache, and loss. It’s during those moments of defeat that inspiration and encouragement are needed most. You don’t have to experience the setback to recognize the pain or grief that’s being caused, and our gifts are designed to lighten the load of distress.

Our gifts are also meant to celebrate the moments of overwhelming joy. When a new baby is welcomed into the family or a loved one celebrates an anniversary of being cancer-free, expressing your support and encouragement is important. Our gifts speak from the heart when you’re miles away or just want your loved one to know you’re celebrating their joy.

We’ve designed custom gift sets that speak to a number of life circumstances, and while each package is crafted with love, you know your recipient best. We invite you to create a custom gift set to bring joy to the loved one in your life. Create a deluxe gift for a new mom and baby or pull together your favorite relaxation items for the friend who needs to be reminded to make self-care a priority.

Send hope, inspiration, and thoughtfulness your way. Love and compassion are necessities of life. We will all have moments when a kind word and gift of compassion can pull us through an overwhelming moment. We’ll also have days filled with joy and gratitude that should be celebrated. Look around. Everyone you meet is a life survivor, and it’s your gift of love that encourages them to enjoy the journey.

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