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Be Inspired With These Home Décor Ideas

Staying indoors for a long period of time can leave you with the desire to change things up a bit. Whether you’re in need of a fresh new look or ready to mimic ideas you’ve seen on your favorite HGTV programs, our home décor ideas will give each room a fresh, uplifting makeover. Décor That…

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Gifts Of Encouragement And Why We Need Them Now More Than Ever

Our bodies get tired. There’s really no way around it. Even those with a high energy level must eventually rest. While we don’t think about it much, your mind and emotions are similar in the way they can become exhausted. As we all spend time indoors, venture out with masks, or attempt to keep our…

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7 Better Things To Say Than ‘Calm Down’

On January 20, the first case of COVID-19 (coronavirus) was reported in the United States. Since then, more than 103,000 cases have been confirmed and the country has all but come to a stop. Many have lost their jobs, struggle to find childcare and are worried about the health of ill or elderly relatives. You…

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Colon Cancer Awareness: Dispelling The Top 5 Myths

March is National Colorectal Awareness Month. While colon cancer is responsible for an estimated 50,000 deaths each month, increased awareness efforts have caused the death rate to drop consistently since the 1980s. As a way to recognize colon cancer survivors, patients and caregivers, people often wear dark blue ribbons. Early detection is one of the…

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Mood And Mental Benefits Of Gardening

It’s no surprise that being outdoors comes with a number of benefits. The fresh air, Vitamin D from the sun, and extended hours of daylight in the spring all act as natural mood enhancers. One way to maximize the benefits of the outdoors is to add gardening to your routine. Don’t worry if you’re not…

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Why Flowers Are The Perfect Gift For Someone Facing Adversity

When you think of flowers, perhaps Valentine’s Day or Mother’s Day comes to mind. We can’t blame you. After all, more than 110 million roses are gifted on Valentine’s Day alone, so it’s easy to see the natural connection. Science shows us, however, that giving flowers to a friend or loved one has a positive…

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Why Random Acts Of Kindness Are Worth Your Time

Being kind to someone isn’t a novel idea. We often take measures to show family members and friends our love and appreciation through different acts of service. Sharing that kindness with a stranger, however, likely happens less frequently. If you needed a reason to live outside your comfort zone and perform random acts of kindness,…

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9 Pieces of Wisdom to Share with Those Facing Adversity

You don’t have to be an experienced therapist to support a friend or loved one through adversity. Whether it’s health and illness, family challenges, or grief and loss, it can be hard knowing the right words to say to show love and empathy but also encourage your loved one to find the strength to overcome…

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How To Recognize And Support Someone In Pain

Supporting someone in pain can be challenging. It’s difficult to know just what to say or do in hard moments. While filling a supportive role may feel awkward, and even difficult, there are ways to better your approach. Your goal is to comfort a friend or loved one, not solve their problems. It’s your very…

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7 Life-changing Gifts Anyone Will Love

Don’t wait on a special occasion to send a gift to a loved one or yourself. Knowing how to use your energy to support a friend or family member can be challenging because everyone finds comfort in different ways. While a best friend would appreciate a heart-felt gift encouraging them to be brave, your sister…

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