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If you’ve ever fallen short on words as you watch a loved one battle through life’s adversities, we understand. Life Survivor Gifts is designed to support those who are supporting others through life’s many struggles. Our thoughtful, high quality gifts are an easy way to share your compassion, inspiration, and support.

It’s life’s adversity that threads each of us together and our support of one another that makes thriving beyond those painful experiences possible. Our goal is to assemble gifts, inspiration and resources that help make the journey more comfortable. Life Survivor Gifts was born out of the need to offer encouragement when you struggle to choose the right thing to say.

Even a small gesture can help someone feel supported and reminded that they are not alone. Our gifts are personalized in a thoughtful and caring way to help bring solace to the recipient. We help you speak from the heart with words and products that are meaningful and sincere.  Our products are carefully selected to incorporate motivational and positive tones despite the recipient’s trying situation. Personal growth exists just beyond the hardship, and our gifts help guide the recipient to that space.

Gifts Are All About Relationships

We help people show support in the face of adversity. Whether you or someone you care about is going through a painful experience, we’ve assembled gifts, inspiration and resources that can help.


Delightful Unboxing Experience

Opening and using our gifts creates a rich sensory and emotional experience. Our goal is to ensure all gifts are hand-selected and packaged with care.  Each package includes a personalized note and optional voice messages are available to take personalization to another level.

Personal Service

Compassionate Service

Our compassion comes from a place of respect and understanding. We care deeply about the pain of others and hope to provide quality relief or solace.

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Adversity is a common human experience. We come together and support each other through it.

our story

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Life Survivor Gifts founder, Charlene Pough, understands first hand the importance of being supported through life’s adversities. During her battle with breast cancer, Charlene was amazed at the inspiration that came from others who reached out to her to share their own stories of pain and triumph. In a very trying time, Charlene realized how hardship creates an unshakable bond that ties us all together, and that our moments of adversity build strength and courage, transforming each of us into “Life Survivors”.

It’s important to have inspiration and encouragement through the hardship, but it’s equally as important to have someone celebrate with you once you’ve overcome it. What Charlene learned is that many people struggle when choosing the right thing to say, do, or give to someone going through a difficult time. So, she created Life Survivor Gifts to make it easy for caring people to show their support by giving thoughtful, high-quality gifts of compassion, inspiration, and celebration.

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